USB projects for Bakeries:

  • Individual coaching Bakery – planning and building the layout
  • Coaching the theme: cooperation in baking technology
  • Inventor 3D video presentation creation – the perfect presentation
  • Convey Transport System Development Coaching
  • Coaching “The small bakery”: livelihood, handover control, CI development, improvements with little capital investment
  • Design and layout development for automated warehousesfor the Middle East, Hawaii, Canada U.S. 30-200 ton batter per day

Projects in the design of renewable energy sources, of plastics, material handling and feeding technology.:

  • Sorting unit coin capsules: automated process – brainstorming / design
  • district heating network concepts: Reinvestment calculations, synergy and energy solutions Contracting and preparation.
  • Loading lifts in shipping: design, layout, budget pricing
  • Turnkey projects for construction of a steel foundry sand rehydration

Social projects of USB::

  • Sports hall Burk,, scheduled completion in mid 2011:
    • Design Plumbing / Heating / hall floor: Development of neutral tender
    • Interfaces check-up: Heating / electronic tendering
    • Planning, budgeting, cost control of the Kitchen, hall equipment
  • Youth work throughout the year
  • USB initiative for the use of renewable energies in Burk
    • Raising awareness,
    • Information distribution by leaflet publication,
    • Development of synergy solutions to be applied by by all citizens of the community Burk.